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Does your school have a bullying prevention strategy?

We've recently updated our Anti-Bullying Strategy Guide to provide your school with even more bully prevention tips and tricks.

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Communication is KEY - Are You Using The Right Channels?

Good communication is at the heart of every school. With technology expanding each year, it's difficult to find which communication channels will work best for your school community.

We've compiled a list of the most popular methods:

1. Social Media
Update parents and the school community in real time by using social media channels like Facebook & Twitter!

2. Email
From regular text-based email messages to fancy HTML school newsletters, email offers a range of options!

3. School Alerts
Important alerts should be sent using parent-preferred methods like voice and text - reaching them wherever they are.

Using an effective school notification system can cover all of these channels and more!

Integrated in PowerSchool & PowerTeacher, our SwiftK12 alert system helps schools easily and effectively reach their entire community using voice, text, email, social media and a call-back hotline!

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SwiftK12 'Pick Your Promo' is BACK!

Yes, you heard us correctly! SwiftK12 is an award-winning notification system trusted by over 1,100 PowerSchool districts around the world.

For a limited time only, we're offering you not one...but two of our best deals to choose from:

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We know they’re both great options...the question is, which will you choose?

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